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The Mission

Sail . Search . Connect

As dreamy as it may sound, living aboard can also be tough at times: a sailor's life is a succesion of constant motion, boat repairs, humidity and whims of the weather. But sailing is also the epitome of patience and sheer freedom, as travelling by boat will get you to the remotest places, carried only by the natural rhythm of waves and wind. In a world where everything and everyone moves fast, we wanted to learn how to live at the pace of our environment, slowing down, whilst exploring our world's most pristine and hidden locations.

Although owning a sailboat undoubtedly has an environmental cost given the products used for its design & maintenance, sailing is also a more durable and eco-friendly option than most of the current international travel options, and it only seemed logical for us to choose that means of transportation to promote the protection of marine environments. Moving around, almost unnoticed by our habitat.

"While losing sight of shore marks the beginning of new adventures and their associated adrenaline rush, the apparition of land on the horizon is no less a source of excitement, bearing the promise of new encounters, discoveries and emotions."


All around the globe, ocean exploitation is increasing and the health of our planet is quickly deteriorating. The multiple dangers induced by anthropogenic activities are likely to surge in the upcoming years, with no sign of real behavioural changes regarding overfishing, sea pollution, plastic waste disposal or destruction of natural habitats for commercial use.


By gathering vital data to better understand the state and dynamics of the marine environment, we hope to contribute to the scientific efforts surrounding ocean conservation and help mitigating the adverse effects of climate change. 


Our first mission will focus on the study of mangroves, salt-tolerant forested wetlands that are often overlooked as an ecosystem despite the major part they play in our ocean and coastal balance.


Ocean conservation is not a private playground accessible solely to scientists and governments. Every day, thousands of people from all around the world pour their hearts and souls into ocean protection initiatives. 

At Sabali Expeditions, we believe that promoting these conservation efforts and sharing knowledge amongst communities may inspire many to foster more sustainable practices. It is crucial to join forces in order to achieve long lasting impact on the marine environment and we want to take part in this great adventure.

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