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Ocean Chronicles

Conservation initiatives around the Globe

Documenting stories & sharing knowledge

As our expeditions allow us to explore many different locations, we have the chance to meet inspiring people contributing to the conservation of oceans all around the globe. Our mission is also about documenting and sharing their stories, which you can find in this section and on our Youtube channel.

That being said, there is still much to do! Thousands of stories that deserve to be told and only so much time to discover them all. It is clear by now, at Sabali Expeditions, we are all about joining efforts and sharing knowledge to achieve great things together. You are a member of an awesome project that aims to preserve marine environments and promote sustainable lifestyle? You firmly believe that sharing your practices could help other communities to protect their habitat and that your work deserves more visibility? Reach out, we will be happy to get to know your project better.

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For now, discover our adventures and stories through our blog below (in French only but automated translations are available). You can also visit our Youtube chanel and social media for more chronicles!

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