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Sabali Expeditions takes part in the worldwide effort to preserve our oceans. For these initiatives to be efficient, we need to better understand the current state of the oceans and how climate change impacts them. Research institutes direly miss reliable data of various parameters such as temperature, water salinity or dissolved oxygen levels and we are here to help them. Sabali is equipped with various sensors that measure and record these parameters everywhere she sails. These measurements are aggregated with data gathered by other boats and are then used by scientists who monitor all the variations and predict upcoming trends. 

Sabali also welcomes scientists on board for specific missions, so they can access remote places for a fraction of the cost and cover larger areas in their studies. Be it whale watching, coral sampling or mangrove health monitoring, if there is water, Sabali will take you there. If your current study or research requires you to set up an expedition, contact us to know more about our partnership opportunities. 

Citizen Science

No need to hold a PhD to become a scientist. If you are passionate about oceans and want to play an active part in their protection, you can join us for a scientific expedition and contribute to our research efforts! New points of view are always welcome in the scientific world and our crew always enjoys some fresh enthusiasm on board.

Sabali Expeditions is involved in several projects that are opened to everyone, as long as you are curious and ready to roll up your sleeves! So grab your oilskin and your watertight boots and join us aboard Sabali for an adventure full of discoveries! You will soon be able to discover all ongoing expeditions below.


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