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Sabali Expeditions takes part in the worldwide effort to preserve our oceans. For these initiatives to be efficient, we need to better understand the current state of the oceans and study how climate change impacts them and how human activity affects their heath. Research institutes still direly miss reliable data of various parameters such as temperature, water salinity or dissolved oxygen levels. Sabali is equipped with various sensors that measure and record a variety of parameters everywhere she sails. This way, we hope to help the scientific comunity to gather as much data as possible to monitor all the variations and predict upcoming trends. 

The chronicles detailing each of our expeditions will soon be availble on this page. Our first mission will focus on the study of mangrovessalt-tolerant forested wetlands that are often overlooked as an ecosystem despite the major part they play in our ocean and coastal balance.

Join the crew

If you are passionate about oceans and want to play an active part in their protection, you can join us for a scientific expedition and contribute to our research efforts. We wecolme both scientists and non-scientists willing to land a hand, as long as you bring your enthusiam aboard!


We invite you to take part in an epic adventure, through a week or more aboard spent with our skippers. During this journey, you will be able to discover new horizons, take a deep dive in sheer nature, learn the ropes of navigation, participate to citizen science projects and join the crew in green initiatives such as beach clean-ups. If you are a scientist with a specific research project, please reach out and Sabali crew will gladly support your data collections in remote areas. 

Sabali works on a participatory basis, so all crew members contribute to navigation costs according to sailors tradition. We want our expeditions to be as sustainable as possible and aim to limit our impact through local approvisioning and near zero waste approach, always taking care of our crew's specific needs and requirements.

You will soon be able to discover the destinations proposed by Sabali Expeditions and pre-book your seat aboard for an exciting adventure!

You can also discover other ways to join our community here.

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