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The Crew

As far as we can remember, we have always had a peculiar lure for exploraiton and off-the-beaten-path experiences. Over the past years, we had the chance to embark on astonishing adventures, climbing snowy peaks in the Alps, filming Kyrgyz shepherds in vertiginous Central Asian summits, roaming deserts with Bedouins in the Middle East or working volatile zones in Central Africa and the Sahel to carry scientific and humanitarian work.

Yegor, Captain and scientist, will ensure the quality of our scientific endeavours and the technical management of the sailboat. Marlenë, Captain & photographer, will be in charge with navigation and will document the adventure.

With our combined drive for adventure and willingness to make this world a protected and sustainable place for future generations, we want to put our strengths together, and embark on this ambitious quest to achieve Sabali Expedition’s goals.

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Scientific Director

Born in the windswept steppes of northern Kazakhstan, farthest from the seas as can be, nothing indicated that one day I would find myself at the helm of a sailboat. A few miles and several decades later, there I am, ready to take on my biggest challenge so far. Scientific adventurer or adventurous scientist, I haven’t decided yet, but as a keen traveller, I always aim to leave a minimal footprint behind me, whilst ensuring the preservation of the earth I have the chance to tread.

Holder of a PhD in tropical forestry, I have led expeditions studying the health and the impact of climate change on Congolese forests. I now want to expand the scope of my research to oceans, as these two biomes are our best allies to tackle climate change. Although switching from impenetrable tropical forests to raging seas is doubtlessly a challenge, I have had a first intense encounter with the ocean when I rowed across the Atlantic Ocean early 2020 in (barely) 73 days. Craving the ocean spray and nostalgic of my transatlantic beard, I am now ready to put these past experiences to the profit of Sabali Expeditions!

Find out more about Yegor's 73 days Ocean Crossing aboard his rowing boat, Lady Charmian :



I have always been amazed by the vibrant tales of intrepid explorers, seeking to push invisible boundaries, bowing before the unknown. After years of extensive travelling on all four corners of our world and 10 years experience in street & reportage photography , I am more ready than ever to hit the road without a return ticket in my pocket. With my camera in one hand and my notebook in the other, I love to collect moments and encounters as a patchwork of many different realities.

As a former lawyer and humanitarian project coordinator in the Great Lakes Region and the Sahel, I have seen the impact of climate change on our planet, but also on communities, on families, on people. Today more than ever, we need to advocate for change, to share good practices and to influence policies in order to protect our planet, our future. I want to put my appetite for storytelling and project management to the use of Sabali Expeditions, and promote inspiring stories from those who protect our oceans.

Expedition Director

Find out more about Marlenë's photography reportages:

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