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​As you know by now, Sabali Expeditions is a threefold initiative aiming at sailing across the planet promoting a slow and low-consumption lifestyle, whilst carrying scientific research expeditions and documenting the great work achieved by so many communities around the world to protect the marine environment.

But we would not be able to carry all this work without the great community supporting us throughout this adventure! You can join our community in many different ways and before you go, take a few moments to scroll through this section and see what part you could play in the adventure! 

Join the Community

If you want to know more about our sailing and research adventures, make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and our social media. In the upcoming months, watch us refitting our boat, learning how to sail and slowly adapting to our new way of living. You will soon be able to discover our encounters around the world and learn more about marine preservation initiatives through interviews and portraits of the ocean heroes we will meet.


Our expeditions will take us to remote places and it will sometimes be impossible for us to post our weekly updates, but worry not, we will return shortly afterwards with tons of stories to share.


Joining our community is also the best way to just reach out and have a nice chat with us should you have any question or advice!

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If you want to take part to the associative life of Sabali Expeditions and participate to the design of research projects or in the identification of inspiring initiatives, you should definitely become an official member of the association and share your ideas during our online annual general assembly! 

Becoming a member will also allow you to take part in Sabali Expeditions journeys around the globe (see below Join the crew) and become a part of the wider story! 

In a few easy steps, just fill out your membership application here:

Become a member
Join the crew
Join the crew

The idea of joining an expedition awakens your adventurous and nature-loving instincts? Perfect! It is time for you to reach the next level and get involved in one of our expeditions. We can welcome up to 4 people aboard for journeys of at least two weeks. Throughout the trip, you will be directly involved in Sabali’s day-to-day life and will learn the basics of navigation, data collection, and marine environment observation. No technical knowledge is required. You just need to be dynamic, curious and…  able to swim 50 meters.

While some programs can be carried out only in specific locations, others can take place anywhere. Check out our expeditions section to find out which programs are currently available, and contact us to enroll. The oceans are waiting for you!

Support  us

Maintaining a healthy boat, investing in reliable data collection devices, renewing communication materials that are frequently roughened up by the sea: all of this comes at a salty price and involves a lot of work. We want to keep producing impactful research and quality content without compromising our crew's security.


A sailboat needs constant and costly maintenance to withstand the elements. Also, a single expedition takes months of preparation, from its logistical set-up to the actual data or sample collection process. Finally, a single documentary episode takes dozen of hours of filming and editing to uphold to good quality standards. At Sabali Expeditions, we think you deserve no less but we also need your help! 

There are different ways to support us!

We are constantly looking for patrons that consider environmental responsability, climate change mitigation and sustainable consumption models as core values. We are happy to disccuss funding opportunities with your company or organisation and design advocacy & communication strategies that serve the purpose of our common concers. 


If you want to support our mad adventures at your own pace, this is the best way to go! Every donation counts! You can donate funds directly to the association through a secured PayPall app (no need to have a PayPall account). If you chose to help this way, don't forget to drop us a message so we can thank you properly!


In order to prepare Sabali for her big trip, we are looking for sponsors that can support us with expertise and equipments related to navigation and scientific aspects of the project. If your compagny is seeking to put new products to the test, we can happily become a rolling-out floating lab for your technology. 


Thank you to our valued patrons & partners :

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