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In order to set course on our ambitious project, we want to be prepared and do things right.

Our first year will thus be spent at Brussels Harbour (BRYC) refitting the boat on the shipyard, whilst living aboard once major refits are done.
In collaboration with the harbor’s community, we will work hard to make our sailboat safe and seaworthy and will document the experience all along the way.
The refit will be open to anyone interested in DIY craft and willing to give a hand.
"Streams, channels and rivers have a major impact on the quality of global marine ecosystems”


Streams, channels and rivers that run inland have a major impact on the quality of global marine ecosystems and their importance is often unknown to urban populations.

Troughout our stay at BRYC, we will publish our first chronicles, documenting the initiatives carried by various actors along Brussels’ Channel to protect and enhance the site. This will allow to highlight the vital role of such structure at the heart of the European capital.

We will also welcome Brussels primary and secondary schools onboard trough field trips, in order to sensitize the youngest to their environment and to the care it requires.


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